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Chemical Marketing & Economics
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2014 STEM Leadership Awards to Honor the Leaders of Dow, DuPont and JP Morgan Chase One Equity Partners, and Celebrate CME's Diamond Jubilee
On December 4 CME Memorialized its 60th Anniversary

with a Grand Event


Lifetime Achievement

Andrew Liveris
President, Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer of the
Dow Chemical Company




Dr. Thomas M. Connelly
Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of
DuPont Company



Private Equity

Thomas Kichler
Managing Director, One Equity Partners, the private investment arm of JP Morgan Chase



Global STEM Student Leader

Anna Powers 
PhD Student of Chemistry



Keynote - The Next 60 years: Entering an Amazing New World

David Womack 
Global Head of Chemicals and
Petroleum at IBM



Keynote - The Next 60 years: Entering an Amazing New World

Marc Teerlink 
Chief Business Officer
IBM Watson

Keynote Abstract & Biography


The Leadership Awards took place on December 4, 2014 at the Yale Club Ballroom


Merit and Biographies


Andrew N. Liveris - 2014 Lifetime Achievement Leadership Award

During nearly a decade as head of the largest chemical company in the USA, with 2013 annual sales of more than $57 billion, Andrew Liveris has led the company’s transformation from a cyclical chemicals manufacturing company into a novel enterprise – one powered by science, driven by innovation and delivering solutions at the intersections of the physical, materials, polymer and biological sciences.

The Chemical Marketing and Economics (CME) announced that it will present its Leadership Award for Lifetime Achievement to Andrew N. Liveris, President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Dow Chemical Company at the Yale Club Ballroom in New York City on December 4, 2014.

A 38 year veteran of Dow and recognized global business leader, Liveris' career has spanned roles in manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, and business and general management around the world. An international advocate for the criticality of manufacturing to the long-term health of national economies, Liveris is the author of Make It in America, a book with practical policy solutions and business strategies to achieve the Company's vision of an 'Advanced Manufacturing’ economy, and serves as Co-Chair of U.S. President Obama's Advanced Manufacturing Partnership steering committee.

Liveris believes that a clear roadmap is vital for the future of manufacturing. To this end, he has led Dow to collaborate with governments on Advanced Manufacturing Plans for the U.S., Australia, Europe and Kenya, while investing in fast-growing regions around the globe.

In addition to his work at Dow, Liveris’ breadth of experience and expertise is broadly represented across business, government, academic and non-profit sectors. He sits on the Board of Directors of IBM and the Special Olympics, is chairman of the U.S. Business Council, Vice Chair of the Business Roundtable, and a member of the U.S. President's Export Council. Liveris serves on the Board of Trustees for California Institute of Technology and the United States Council for International Business.

Born in Darwin, Australia, Liveris attended the University of Queensland in Brisbane, graduating with a bachelor's degree (first-class honors) in Chemical Engineering. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of The Institute of Chemical Engineers, as well as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. He was recently named as an officer of the Order of Australia for his services to international business. Liveris resides in Midland, Michigan with his wife Paula. They have three adult children.


Dr. Thomas Connelly - 2014 Innovation Leadership Award

As a Winston Churchill Scholar at Cambridge University, Thomas Connelly was captivated by the amazing combination of chemistry and engineering. Fast forward to today, with a career punctuated by leadership roles in the development of a number of major products including DuPont™ Delrin®, Kevlar®, Sorona® and Teflon®; he remains more committed than ever to using the most powerful tools of science and technology for the advancement of humanity as the head of innovation at DuPont, a company with 2013 revenues over $35 billion.

“I am honored to receive this CME award on behalf of all employees at DuPont,” Dr. Connelly said. “The CME group, provides an exciting forum for industry innovation and STEM education, the pillar of global economic progress. I congratulate CME for dedicating 60 years of service to the society.”

Known for pioneering global products with deep market penetration, DuPont’s businesses today serve markets where the demand for more and healthier food, renewably sourced materials and fuels, and advanced industrial materials are driving enormous growth potential. Dr. Connelly has played a central role in the creation of a powerful R&D engine while working inclusively with others to find science-enabled solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. He has responsibility for Science & Technology and the geographic regions outside the United States, as well as Integrated Operations that includes Sourcing & Logistics and Engineering. 

Having joined DuPont in 1977 as research engineer at the DuPont Experimental Station in Wilmington, Del., Dr. Connelly held a number of technical leadership roles including laboratory director in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. He led major DuPont businesses while based in the United States, Europe and Asia. In January 1999, Dr. Connelly was named Vice President and General Manager - DuPont Fluoroproducts. He was named Senior Vice President and Chief Science & Technology Officer in September 2001, and Executive Vice President in June 2006.

Dr. Connelly was born in Toledo, Ohio. He graduated with highest honors from Princeton University with degrees in chemical engineering and economics. As a Winston Churchill Scholar, he received his doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge. He serves in advisory roles to the U.S. Government and the Republic of Singapore.


Thomas Kichler - 2014 Private Equity Leadership Award

Three decades of experience as advisor and principal investor in over 100 M&A transactions with a value exceeding $50 billion have not slowed down Thomas Kichler in his quest for finding growth opportunities as the head of the chemical practice in One Equity Partners (OEP), the private investment arm of JP Morgan Chase & Co.

The Chemical Marketing and Economics (CME) group announced that it will present its Leadership Award for Distinction in Private Equity to Mr. Kichler, a Managing Director of OEP at the Yale Club Ballroom in New York City on December 4, 2014.

Mr. Kichler said he was deeply honored and noted that “The public and professionals in the business of chemistry find a perfect home for actionable insights and networking in the CME. I congratulate CME for its 60th anniversary of supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students.”

OEP makes private equity investments globally behind compelling business ideas by partnering with management in transactions that initiate strategic and operating changes to create long-term value. Since its inception in 2001, OEP has managed nearly $14 billion in total investments drawing from the outstanding capital commitments of JPMorgan Chase &Co. Historically, OEP’s investments have generally ranged from $50 million to $500 million per transaction.

Prior to joining OEP, Mr. Kichler was a Managing Director at Salomon Smith Barney (Citigroup). He also worked at Wasserstein Perella and at Ernst & Young. He is currently a Chairman of the Board at East Balt Bakeries and PeroxyChem LLC (fka FMC Peroxygens), and a Director at Expert Global Solutions and Sonneborn Refined Products.  

Mr. Kichler previously served on the Boards of Columbian Chemicals Company, LBC Holdings, Western Hospitals and Progress Rail Services.  Mr. Kichler received his B.S.E. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is also a Certified Public Accountant.


Anna Powers - 2014 Global STEM Student Leader Award

"Congratulations to CME on great leadership and fantastic work in organizing such a successful Leadership Awards event! I am excited to take part in this organization under its Leadership Development Program and learn from its terrific Board of Directors in the coming years.”

Anna is a PhD Candidate of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at NYU and the recipient of the 2014 Global STEM Student Leader Award of CME for her outstanidng effort in advancing chemistry through Festivals that helped 2,000 students and for her pivotal role in the formation of the ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapter in Peru which would be one of the first two Chapters in Latin America in ACS’s 138-year history.

She holds a BS degree in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics from NYU. Her thesis was on “Quantum 3D calculations of the translational and rotational dynamics of the methane molecule inside the cages of Structure I clathrate hydrate.” She graduated Cum Laude. A salient award for her research work is the Margaret Strauss Kramer Fellowship. Anna received the 2011 College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award which was given to only 6 Adjunct Professors across NYU's 50 departments. She teaches the Energy and the Environment class showing non-STEM students the magic of science. Anna’s leadership in delivering a delightful experience for members and her passion for advancing STEM education throughout the world in particular for women, represents the mission of CM&E. She has the distinction of being the First woman to be honored at the Leadership Awards.


Marc Teerlink - 2014 Keynote Speaker

During its sexagenarian lifespan, CM&E witnessed the largest population increase in the history of mankind. While industry kept up with the colossal demand, resource depletion and pollution have rendered further economic progress unsustainable. In the last two decades, advances in computing have demonstrated an unimaginable level of big data processing and rapid decision making using natural language. The way of life of consumers, businesses and their interactions is being redrawn daily at an ever-faster pace. Technology has created stunning virtual-reality experiences, sensory augmentation and nano-level control of matter, but questions remain:

- Can we humanize system interaction to gain true insight and understanding?
- Will the revolution in big data and analytics help industries engage customers, conduct research, make informed decisions and handle critical functions?
- Can innovations in data-enhanced design of materials, products, processes, safety and environmental control, reshape the sustainability of industry?
- Will cognitive computing help us enter an amazing new world?

Together with clients, Marc Teerlink articulates the vision and leads transformational projects in which the data ownership, trust, usage and monetization have proven to be crucial elements for the successful competitive differentiation of an enterprise. Marc, MBA/MBI, has over 25 years experience as a business manager, consultant and change leader. He has a successful track record in analytics-driven sales and marketing transformation for clients from leading firms in the consumer packaged goods, retail, consumer electronics, banking and telecommunications industries. Marc teaches an MBA course in advanced consumer marketing, has published numerous papers, is a frequently requested boardroom speaker. He is taking to market of IBM´s Watson Project, which won the game show “jeopardy!” in February 2011.


David Womack - 2014 Keynote Speaker

Due to an emergency, Marc Teerlink, the Chief Business Strategist of IBM Watson, could not attend. However, to illuminate the industry about the new era of cognitive computing and the mind-bending impact on other fields, his colleague and co-author of the presentation was the keynote speaker.

David M. Womack is the Global Leader of Strategy and Business Development for IBM’s Chemicals & Petroleum  industries.  David is a member of IBM’s Industry Academy, an executive group focused on the client transformation agenda.  He has held positions in the IBM Systems and Technology, Software Group, and Business Consulting Groups. Prior to IBM David was the COO of Solomon Associates, a consultancy in the downstream refining, chemicals and power generation industry.  He began his career with Exxon.  David holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Strategy.