Founding CME


CME was established in 1954 by an industry steering committee in order to address the challenges of the industry of chemistry in all of its phases.


Over time the group focus has expanded from technology and business to investments and policy in order to develop a holistic approach to advancing the transformational power of chemistry, the central science, for the benefit of humanity.


The founding committee included leaders from the Vick Chemical Company (acquired by P&G), Allied Chemical and Dye (acquired by Honeywell), Celanese Corporation, The Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter (acquired by ICIS), and American Cyanamid (parts of the company were acquired separately by BASF, Pfizer and Cytec).


The inaugural speaker was Dr. Joseph G. Davidson, president of Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Company (Union Carbide later acquired by the Dow Chemical Company).



















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Chemical Marketing & Economics
Creating STEM leadership for sustainable industry innovation


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CME's STEM Leadership Awards
Annual Celebration of the STEM Leaders of Today to Enable Those of Tomorrow

Purpose of the Award

Establiched in 2012, the Chemical Marketing & Economics' CME's STEM Leadership Award is for outstanding leadership in any activity that advances chemistry or science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for the benefit of Earth and its people.

Nature of the Award

The annual recognition consists of CME’s STEM Leadership Award crystal award in more than one category that may include lifetime achievement, investment, global growth, innovation, global STEM involvement, philanthropy, economic development, or other endeavors related to chemistry, and contributions that CME will make on behalf of the award recipients to advance the STEM educational activities of chemistry-related organizations including support to the college and high school students who attend CME luncheons, Scholars program, Public Chemistry Festivals held internationally and other STEM programs. The award was established in 2012 by the CME Board of Directors to celebrate the 58th Anniversary of CME.


The leadership to be recognized is for significant contributions in a variety of activities, including but not limited to the initiation or sponsorship of a singular endeavor or exemplary leading role in the lifetime achievement, investment, global growth, innovation, global STEM involvement, philanthropy, economic development, or other endeavors related to chemistry or STEM programs. CME members, as individuals or representing a company (including divisions), may make a nomination. There are no fees to make a nomination. Present members of the Board of Directors of CME and CME contractors are ineligible for this award. The awards committee of CME will select the recipient.

The Nomination Application

Please contact us about your nomination with the name of the nominee and the reason for the nomination. The nomination can be made in person by contacting a board member at a CME event or via internet by sending an email to: If there is no readily available internet access to the nominee's accomplishments, the nomination requirements are as follows:

1) one nomination page indicating the date, name, title, company, address, email and telephone of both the nominator and the nominee filled out,
2) one summary page describing the merit of the nominated leader including financial and societal impact,
3) up to 3 supporting documents (articles, awards...) and
4) the leader's biography.

The Award Nomination can be done in person or by email no later than January 30 of the award year. However, the deadline may vary so please inquire before submission.

Each selected nominee and the nominator will be notified within 60 days of the award nomination deadline. Thank you for your participation.



CME Award Sponsorship Information

CME Award Sponsorship information: 

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