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Fall National Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia

4th CME NASA Symposium

Resiliency of Science Propels Leadership in Space Exploration

Principal Sponsor: POLY

2021. 08. 23-24

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8/24 CME Lectures

Ben Feringa

University of Groningen

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Robert Grubbs


Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

8/23 PMSE's ACS Outstanding Student Awards Founded by CME

Austin Evans

Northwestern University

Honoree: ACS Outstanding USA Student, Polymer Science

Qi Zhang

University of Groningen

Honoree: ACS Outstanding Int'l Student, Polymer Science


This 2-day symposium is organized by CME and NASA under the sponsorship of the Polymer Chemistry Division (POLY) as part of the 5-day 2021 Fall National Meeting at the Convention Center of Atlanta with typical past attendance of 15,000. Over 2,300 STEM professionals and students have attended past CME NASA Symposiums.

The CME NASA STEM Symposiums focus on bringing together industry, academia, government and the public to enlarge and enhance the global STEM talent pool. It will feature the resiliency of science cutting-edge developments in chemical sciences to advance human space travel and translate them into new knowledge to improve the lives of people and make their dreams a reality. Two days packed with inspirational research, industry, jobs and new STEM career paths.

8/23 NASA Day Schedule



Event times (ET)

8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Morning Session

1:00 - 4:30 pm
Afternoon Session

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8/24 Industry Day Schedule



Event times (ET)

8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Morning Session

1:00 - 4:30 pm
Afternoon Lectures

Event fees

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Student & Mentor

Co-organized by PMSE, and conceived and sponsored exclusively by CME, the original annual ACS Global Outstanding Student and Mentor Awards in Polymer Science and Engineering offers two student cash prizes of $7,500 each. The selection committee is conformed by the following eminent researches:

Professor Bert Meijer, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Professor Takuzo Aida, Tokyo University, Japan
Professor Sarah Heishorn, Standford University, USA
Professor LaShanda Korley, University of Delaware, USA
Dr. Qinghuang Lin, Lam Research, USA

For information on nominations, go to: https://pmsedivision.org/global-outstanding-student-award/

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CME Hall of Fame

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Past CME Lecturers

Craig Venter

Human Genome Project

Sequence Leader

Frances Arnold


2018 Nobel Laureate

Eric Betzig


2014 Nobel Laureate

Duane Dickson


Vice Chairman, Industrials

Peter Eckes


President Bioscience

Robert Langer

Koch Institute MIT

Most Cited Engineer

James Green


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Harry Gray

Beckman Institute Caltech

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Janet Kavandi

NASA Glenn


STEM Young Talent - Past Student & Mentor Honorees

Cicely Shillingford


Formulation Scientist

Seunghyun Sim



Takuzo Aida


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Bas van Genabeek



Bert Meijer

Eindhoven University

Distinguished Professor