Anahit Stepanyan

BS Student of Chemistry, NYU


Ms. Anahit Stepanyan holds a B.S. in Chemistry from NYU. Anahit was part of the CME leadership development program. Her spirit of service and organizational skills have been demonstrated by her support of CME meetings including the CME STEMâ„¢ Leadership Awards of December 4, 2014.

“My classmates and I were thrilled to hear such insightful views of industry leaders and watch the recognition of Anna, my mentor and role model. As a STEM student myself, meeting with experienced business professionals as well as doctorate and high school students filled me with completely new perspectives. I feel happy for participating in the leadership program so that I can help others. I am really grateful to the generous sponsors that make the CME programs possible. Joining CME has been the highlight of my semester. I wish everyone a Prosperous New Year.”