Cameroun Sherrard


3D Printed Electronics Engineer and SIBatt-3D Project Lead

Cameroun Sherrard is an electrical engineer in the on-demand manufacturing of electronics group at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. She is the project lead for the SIBatt-3D project, a two-year effort to develop completely additively manufactured sodium-ion batteries from ISRU materials. Previously, Sherrard worked on several low TRL technology development efforts including an electromagnetic contactless coupling system for small spacecraft and loaded polymer based solid-state ultra-capacitors. She has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

08-2023 Abstract Title: NASA’s SIBatt-3D: In-Space and On-Surface 3D Printing Sodium-Ion Batteries from ISRU Materials

Abstract Body: Sustainable on-demand power solutions are an absolute necessity as humanity works to establish a permanent presence on the moon and make the journey to Mars. NASA’s SIBatt-3D project is developing shape-conformable Sodium-Ion batteries that can be 3D printed in-space as needed during extended space missions. SIBatt-3D seeks to utilize materials found in Lunar/Martian regolith as feedstocks to provide sustainable power for surface operations. SIBatt-3D’s batteries also have terrestrial implications such as improved battery safety and sustainability.