Xiao Zhong


STEM Volunteer

PhD in Chemistry, NYU

Dr. Xiao Zhong holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from New York University. His specialties include crystallization, polymorphism, organic synthesis, microarray fabrication and colloid packing.

Under the advice of Dr. Michael Ward since September 2012 he has conducted research on the role of self-assembled monolayer on crystal polymorphism and the fabrication of micro-corrals for crystallization by Polymer Pen Lithography. Previously, under the guidance of Dr. Adam Braunschweig (September 2011-August 2012) he investigated the critical role of polymer stiffness in Polymer Pen Lithography, developed a new nano-lithographic tool (Nanosizer) for preparing combinatorial arrays in situ and multiplex lectin arrays printing, investigated optical properties of chiral structures printed by Polymer Pen Lithography and performed radical thiol-ene chemistry on hydrogel substrate for microarray fabrication.