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Chemical Marketing & Economics
Creating STEM leadership for sustainable industry innovation



Strengthen Your Brand and Help Science Education Year-Round

Your Choice: Sponsor Multiple or Single Events

Capture the attention and reach thousands of CME followers, innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders in business, technology and investments as well as influential STEM industry, government and academic leaders focused on sustainable innovation for the benefit of humanity.

Reinforce your company's position with complimentary luncheons and webcasts for your customers who could benefit from the cutting-edge insights in multiple disciplines.

Strengthen your in-house career development program making CME events sources of cutting-edge insights on impactful topics and access to key opinion leaders to identify opportunities in growth markets.

Co-Brand and enhance your image through sponsorships that support CME event subsidies for college students and scholarship programs.

Help us help you and also mentor the next generation of leaders.

Why CME?

Cutting-edge STEM programs and extraordinary global industry leadership are the hallmarks of CME, a pioneering industry group founded in 1954 that has set new records in its class among institutions related to chemistry..

CME has held over 500 industry luncheons in NYC. Since 2013 CME has helped win nine (9) distinguiched awards in the world of chemistry.

CME was selected by NASA to co-organize the NASA Symposiums starting in 2017 to bring together Industry, Academia, Government and the Public. The purpose of the event is to foster cutting-edge developments in STEM fields, including the chemical sciences, to advance human space travel and translate them into new knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

The first NASA Symposium, a two-day event packed with science and industry developments, was co-organized by CME in 2017 with the Polymer Chemistry Technical Division (POLY) sand et a new record in its class with over 800 attendees. The reception was held at the Smithsonian National Museum of Air and Space in Washington, DC. The co-organizers received the ChemLuminary Award for Divisional Collaboration.

The second NASA Symposium co-organized by CME in 2018 with the Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering Technical Division (PMSE) was a one-day event with 600 attendees and is a finalist fot a ChemLuminary Award for Divisional Collaboration.

The third NASA SYmposium featured two Nobel Laureates and a number of industry technology and business leaders. It was an fascinating event at the National Meeting with over 1,000 attendees. The event was held on April 1-2, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. The reception was held at the Kennedy Space Center.

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