Jun Wang

University of Iowa

James E. Ashton Professor

Bio: Jun Wang is James E. Ashton Professor in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and assistant director of Iowa Technology Institute at the University of Iowa. His research focuses on air quality, wildfires, and climate change. He has authored 160+ research articles and has been a science team member for NASA’s ten satellite missions. He received a Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences from the University of Alabama–Huntsville and the NOAA Climate and Global Change postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University in 2005-2007.

2022-08 Abstract Title: Satellite observations of atmospheric composition and wildfires for air quality and climate change

Abstract Body: Satellite observations are the only means for humankind to probe our home planet’s health routinely at the global scale. This presentation provides a brief overview on what the satellite observations are telling us about the change of atmospheric composition in the past two decades and what insights we have gained from these observations for understanding and predicting air quality and climate. Advances in satellite remote sensing of wildfires are also presented in the context of public health and climate change.