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CME conceived, co-founded the NASA Symposium in 2017 in collaboration with the NASA Chief Scientist Office to bring together leaders from industry, academia, government, media and the public.

The event takes place annually, or semi-annually, at major conventions on the chemical sciences. Symposiums have been held in Washington, DC; Boston, MA; and Orlando, FL. Past speakers include Nobel Laureates Frances Arnold and Eric Betzig, Craig Venter, Robert Langer (MIT), James Green (NASA), Duane Dickson (Deloitte), Peter Eckes (BASF) and other eminent figures.

Upcoming NASA Symposium

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ACS Fall 2021
Atlanta, Georgia

4th CME NASA Symposium

POLY 017: Chemistry for Reliable Human Space Exploration

2021. 08. 23-24
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CME Hall of Fame

Discover honorees, key speakers and collaborators


James Green


Chief Scientist

Craig Venter

Human Genome Project

Sequence Leader

Frances Arnold


2018 Nobel Laureate

Eric Betzig


2014 Nobel Laureate

Robert Langer

Koch Institute MIT

Most Cited Engineer

Robert Grubbs


Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Harry Gray

Beckman Institute Caltech

Professor of Chemistry

Janet Kavandi

NASA Glenn



Duane Dickson


Vice Chairman, Industrials

Peter Eckes


President Bioscience

Rich Tillyer

Johnson & Johnson

Global Head, Discovery, Jansenn

Jon Arenberg

Northrop Grumman

Chief Mission Architect

Tony Go

ExxonMobil Chemical

Chief Engineer

Murali Krishnan

L3Harris Technologies

President, Electro Optical

Erika Wagner

Blue Origin

Business Development Manager

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