Let's develop the space chemistry roadmap for the next millennia!

Space Chemistry

To develop the first Space Chemistry Roadmap, a consortium of companies contacted Chemical Marketing & Economics (CME) to leverage the CME NASA Symposium and establish the Space Chemistry Roundtable (SCR) at the recommendation of the NASA Chief Scientist James Green. The first meeting was held on August 23, 2022, prior to the CME NASA Earth & Space Sustainability (CNESS) Summit held at the University of Chicago Rubenstein Forum. It brought together leaders from industry, academia, government, media and the public. 

The CME NASA Symposium takes place annually, or semi-annually, at major convention centers in USA as part of international meetings on the chemical sciences. The symposia is sponsored by scientific organizations such as I&EC, POLY and PMSE . Symposia have been held in Washington, DC; Boston, MA; Orlando, FL; and Atlanta, GA. Past speakers include Nobel Laureates Frances Arnold and Eric Betzig, Craig Venter, Robert Langer (MIT), James Green (NASA), Peter Eckes (BASF) and other eminent figures. Abstracts submissions are by invitation only. Attendees must register through the ACS website.

The CME NASA Earth & Space Sustainability (CNESS) Summit is a free outreach event held immediately after the CME NASA Symposia. An evening reception follows the conference. Admission to the conference and the reception is by invitation only. The CME NASA Earth & Space Sustainability afternoon program brings together thought leaders from industry, academia and government to advance sustainable innovation in the chemical sciences including energy, materials and life sciences.

Developing the Space Chemistry Roadmap

Discover the amazing array of participants and observers who are helping advance chemistry in space

ACS Fall 2023
San Francisco

2023 CME NASA Symposium and CME NASA Earth & Space Sustainability (CNESS)

Sponsored by POLY

2023. 08. 14-16
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SCR Documentation

2023.08 Talk/Report--Chemistry Beyond Gravity

PDF format1.54 MB

ACS Fall 2023 CME NASA Symposium Talk including SCR Summary by Chyree Batton, San Francisco

2023.08 SCR Talk--ISS National Lab Capabilities

PDF format4.96 MB

ACS Fall 2023 Space Chemistry Roundtable Presentation, San Francisco

2023.07 Report--SCR Meeting

PDF format205 kB

SCR Meeting Summary July 2023

2023.04 Report--SCR Meeting

PDF format198 kB

SCR Meeting Summary April 2023

2023.03 Talk--SCR Meeting

PDF format351 kB

SCR Talk March 2023

2022.08 Report--First SCR Meeting

PDF format4.78 MB

First SCR Report August 2022, Chicago

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