Michael Waslin

Merck & Co.

Associate Director, Sustainability Center of Excellence

Michael Waslin is Associate Director, Environmental Sustainability Center of Excellence at Merck & Co. Michael has over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has been focused on environmental sustainability practices since 2013. Prior to his career in sustainability, he supported manufacturing operations, capital projects, environmental, health & safety compliance. He earned a master’s degree in Water Resource Management and Environmental Engineering from Villanova University and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University.

Michael is a founding member of Merck’s Environmental Sustainability Center of Excellence (CoE). Since the CoE’s inception, he has led initiatives to drive the corporate environmental sustainability strategy and goals, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, increase use of renewable energy, sustainable packaging, reducing supply chain impacts, and setting water and waste targets. He has also been working with sites to help create a low carbon transition pathway. As an ambassador for the company’s sustainability program, Michael enjoys educating internal and external stakeholders on how to integrate environmental sustainability to improve business performance.