Cristi Stiers

CME Board Member

Strategic Executive Advisor

Cristi advises on areas including M&A, the chemicals industry, supply chain, innovation, business turnarounds, global operations, purchasing, and customer relationships. She has spent 25 years in the chemical industry leading global businesses. Cristi has run global businesses with over $1.5 billion in revenues. She has worked in commodity chemicals, running the global Chlor-alkali business for Dow Chemical as well as in fine chemicals selling new molecules into the pharmaceutical industry. Her most recent roles include LeafGrow Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CEO; BizGirl Consulting President & CEO; and Strategic Executive Advisor in Collaboration with SafeRock. Previously, she was President and CEO of ANGUS, Inc. (subsidiary of Dow Chemical). Previously she worked for FMC Corporation Lithium Division (Now Livent) serving the pharmaceutical, battery, polymer and agricultural chemical industries; at Lilly Industries, Inc. that is now part of Valspar, Inc. For the past few years, Cristi served on the corporate executive board as the vice-chairperson for the Philadelphia Museum of Art and remains in The Associates program.