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Chemistry: Harnessing Our Curiosity For Life

Chemistry: Harnessing Our Curiosity For Life

Chemistry is the central science that studies the transformation of matter in the universe in any state – solid, liquid, gas or plasma – to improve the lives of people and advance civilization.

The population expansion from 1 billion in 1800 to 7 billion today has been possible because of the endless curiosity and ingenuity to solve the colossal needs of humanity.

Chemistry: Harnessing Our Curiosity For Life

As we enter this century, we face some of the most formidable challenges ever encountered – an increase in population by three billion, the doubling of agricultural output, epidemics that can spread at the speed of an airplane, and an insatiable thirst for energy and water. STEM talent leadership is enabling solutions to keep up with the demands of humanity while maintaining peace, enhancing quality of life and exploring the edge of the universe.

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Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have been amazing forces propelling the advancement of civilization. Sadly, the USA has been falling short in the proportion of science and engineering college graduates.

CME is one of the few organizations that have the commitment and reach to accelerate diverse STEM leadership throughout the industries of chemistry. CME supports activities that nurture the love for science, provides mentoring and financial support of talented scholars, engages industry and government to propel sustainable innovation and rewards achievement throughout the STEM ecosystem. Please become a sponsor or make a pledge.

How do we support

Support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs at the local, national and global levels

Annual Program

The Fascinating CME NASA Symposium

Convention Centers at major cities for 2 days in the Spring or Fall.

CME conceived and founded the NASA Symposium in 2017 in collaboration with the NASA Chief Scientist Office to bring together leaders from industry, academia, government, media and the public. The event takes place annually at major conventions on the chemical sciences. Symposiums have been held in Washington, Boston and Orlando. Past speakers include Nobel Laureates and other eminent figures.

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Monthly Program

Students Meet Leaders of Industry, Government and Finance

Columbia University, CUNY, NYU
Pace University, Other colleges

To nurture leadership, CME organizes events in New York and Houston in which students from high school and colleges attend with compliments of CME to learn invaluable insights from leaders in industry, academia, government, media and society at large. Since 1954 thousands of students have benefited from these programs.

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Long-term Support

Sponsor STEM Programs

Local, Regional, National, Global

As a nonprofit organization, CME needs your help to advance the study of chemistry, the central science, and other fields within the STEM ecosystem. Individuals’ contributions and gifts, company sponsorships and grants from foundations, help ensure that CME can continue to foster STEM talent leadership including a support network for students to thrive and focus on finding green solutions to the challenges of human kind.

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Support STEM Talent

Help more outstanding scholars from underrepresented groups in society build a better tomorrow

CME Leadership

STEM Student & Mentor Awards

Most Prestigious Student & Mentor Awards in Polymer Science and Engineering

Conceived by CME and organized by PMSE, the first annual Global Outstanding Student and Mentor Awards in Polymer Science and Engineering were awarded to two teams on April 1, 2019, at the Third Annual CME NASA Symposium.

STEM Talent Diversity Festivals

CME STEM Festivals

Our mission is to nurture the love for science and sustainable innovation. Over 30,000 people have attended chemistry festivals supported by CME.