Ali Coskun

University of Fribourg


Prof. Ali Coskun was born in Isparta, Turkey, in 1979. He received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry at the Middle East Technical University. Afterward, he did his postdoctoral research at Northwestern University with Prof. Fraser Stoddart. In 2012, He started his independent career at the Graduate School of EEWS and the Department of Chemistry at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). In 2017, he moved to University of Fribourg, Switzerland as a Professor. He is currently developing porous organic polymers for CO2 capture, separation, and conversion, Li-ion batteries, and also polymeric binders for silicon anodes. His research efforts have been recently recognized by the Swiss Green and Sustainable Chemistry 2023 award.

2023 ACS Fall POLY: CME NASA Symposium Abstract

Supramolecular Sython Approach for High Capacity Electrodes in Lithium-ion Batterie

Three high-energy density electrode materials – namely, silicon anodes, lithium (Li) metal anodes, and sulfur cathodes operating by alloying, electroplating, and electrochemical reactions, respectively – have gained discernable interest owing to their unparalleled theoretical capacity. Supramolecular chemistry and/or mechanically interlocked polymers such as polyrotaxanes can play a pivotal role to address the challenges facing rechargeable batteries. In this presentation, the concepts of supramolecular chemistry and their working principles in high-energy density electrode materials in Li-ion batteries will be discussed.