Austin Evans

CME Board Member

Columbia University

Columbia Postdoc Chem/Phys

Bio – Austin is the 2021 Winner of the PMSE’s ACS Outstanding Global Student in Polymer Science and Engineering. His mentor, Prof. Will Ditchel at the Northwestern University, is the recipient of the 2021 ACS Outstanding USA Mentor Award in Polymer Science and Engineering. CME is the founder and the exclusive sponsor of the Award.

Austin M. Evans is currently exploring the interface of chemistry and physics as a postdoctoral research scientist working under the guidance of Latha Venkataraman and Colin Nuckolls at Columbia University. Austin completed his Ph.D. as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Northwestern University with William R. Dichtel, where he studied the polymerization of macromolecular sheets. Austin is passionate about scientific mentorship, which drove his multi-year involvement in the MORE@NU mentoring program.

2019 CME NASA Symposium Abstract Title: Two-Dimensional Polymers and Their Applications

Abstract Body: Two-dimensional polymers (2DPs) are a unique macromolecular architecture that combine covalent connectivity, permanent porosity, and structural regularity. Recently, synthetic advances have led to the production of 2DPs as single-crystals and high-quality films, both of which are ideal for property and device measurements. Here, I will discuss recent findings regarding the thermal, mechanical, optical, and electronic properties of macromolecular sheets. I will also describe first-generation 2DP-based devices, which show promising combinations of behaviors not accessible with other material classes.