Benjamin Knudsen


Vice President of Research North America

Benjamin Raerup Knudsen is the Vice President of Research North America for BASF Corporation. In this position, Benjamin is responsible for all BASF Research activities in the North American region and is a member of Executive committee for BASF Corporation.

Previously he was General Manager for BASF Enzymes LLC and Head of White Biotechnology in North America. Prior to that, Benjamin served as Director for R&D at Novozymes Corporation. Other career positions held at Novozymes include managing Application Research and Manufacturing Operations in Brazil, as well as other roles in Denmark.

Benjamin holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree from the University of Aalborg, Denmark (2006)

2023 ACS Fall POLY: CME NASA Symposium Abstract

Harnessing the Power of Data through QURIOSITY

With global revenues of 87 billion Euros in 2022, BASF continues to drive economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. As the power of data plays an ever-larger role, BASF has deployed the most powerful computer in the chemical industry. This talk gives an overview on how at 1.75 quadrillion calculations per second, QURIOSITY – the new BASF supercomputer – accelerates discovery, makes manufacturing processes more efficient, optimizes logistics faster than ever before and supports completely new digital business models.