Bo-Yu Yang

Capital Medical University Affiliated Beijing Friendship Hospital


Dr. Bo-Yu Yang is a clinical researcher focused on prostate diseases, with an emphasis on the molecular mechanism and application of medical nanomaterials in prostate diseases. At present, Dr. Yang is in charge of a project of the National Natural Science Foundation, which has been selected for the 2020 (sixth batch) “Green Seedling” program and friendship seed Program. He won the award for Best Young Editor of the second edition of Guo Yinglu Male Science. Dr. Yang also has one invention patent and four utility model patents as the first inventor. He also has experience reviewing and soliciting manuscripts in the field of medical engineering.

2023 ACS Fall POLY: CME NASA Symposium Abstract

Though selenium nano-particles are reported to inhibit tumor growth, the mechanisms are still not clear. Based on our previous work, porous selenium nanocomposites (Se@SiO2) with high biosafety and tumor-targeting properties were synthesized. Se@SiO2 could reduce proliferation and autophagy levels in CRPC cells. Furthermore, our results showed that Se@SiO2 could enhance the protein stability of intracellular prostate acid phosphatase (cPAP). As a tyrosine phosphatase, cPAP blocks the initiation of autophagy by promoting ATG14 dephosphorylation, thereby reducing the proliferation of CRPC cells. In addition, three possible tyrosine phosphorylation sites (Y279/Y357/Y488) were identified using site-directed mutagenesis. Accordingly, we hypothesized that Se@SiO2 can inhibit autophagy by activating cPAP-ATG14 signaling axis in CRPC treatment. This study will elucidate the molecular mechanism of Se@SiO2 regulating autophagy through cPAP. Our research provides a new therapeutic option and theoretical evidence for the treatment of CRPC.