Emilie Siochi

NASA Langley

Senior Material Scientist

Bio: Mia Siochi is a research materials engineer in the Advanced Materials & Processing Branch at NASA Langley Research Center. Her work on emerging materials includes computationally guided materials development for structural nanomaterials, bioinspired materials, self-healing materials, antifouling engineered surfaces, additive manufacturing, and extreme temperature materials. She’s a proponent of use-inspired research and currently leads multi-disciplinary teams developing structural carbon nanotube composites, rapid curing resins for the next generation of aircraft, and sensor technologies urban air mobility vehicles.

2022-08 Abstract Title: Accelerating the Maturation and Adoption of New Technologies

Abstract Body: Advanced technologies can offer substantial performance benefits over legacy technologies. However, insertion into relevant applications can be challenging. As an example, the evolution of structural carbon nanotubes will be presented. Part of the early interest in carbon nanotubes was driven by mechanical properties that have the potential to outperform state-of-the-art structural materials. Lessons learned from approaches taken to mature the technology for aerospace applications will be used to illustrate factors that should be considered in emerging technology development.