George Rodriguez

ACS Fellow

CME STEM Programming

Argeni Director

A forward-looking chemical engineer/entrepreneur focused on solving humanity’s biggest challenges and propelling human space exploration for the next millennium through high-impact sustainable innovation top talent in multiple fields of knowledge, including AI, life science, energy and materials. Served at global firms such as Pfizer, Asahi Glass, Nagase and Dow. Headed Nagase new business in Nano & Biotechnology including investment scouting and green supply chains. Summa cum laude in both degrees: B.S. Chemical Engineering (National University of Engineering, Peru) and M.S. Industrial Management (Georgia Institute of Technology).

Brings together industry, investments, academia, government and philanthropy at award-winning events with NASA’s Chief Scientist and divisions of American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society with 150,000 members. 2020 ACS Fellow. Founded STEM Leadership Awards, CME NASA Symposiums, ACS Peru Chapter. Principal contributor to nine ACS ChemLuminary awards for highly impactful student and scholar programs.