Guy Penard

CME Board Member


Vice President Business Development

Mr. Guy Penard is Vice President of business development at Kiverdi. He has worked in leadership positions on the interface between technology and business. He has a degree in Chemical Engineer (BSc) and MBA of the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He is an experienced leader in both petro- and oleo chemicals for commodities and specialty product businesses. Guy has lived and worked around the world working in the plastics, fine particles (pigments, minerals), advanced composite materials for aerospace, specialty compounds, oleo chemicals, color/additive concentrate and the renewable energy industries.

He has an extensive experience in development and execution of strategy as well as creating customer value, new business growth by collaborating closely with customers and by bringing together the complementary skill sets of companies in business consortia and partnerships. Guy has worked more than 25 years around the world in various leadership and executive positions for companies such as blank1DSM, Mobil Chemicals, Cognis and Cabot Corporation. He currently serves on the board of start-up companies such as Bridging Competencies, BeGreen Energy BV and SyntheZyme LLC.