Jack Kaye


Associate Director for Research

NASA HQ Earth Science Division

Bio: Jack Kaye is Associate Director for Research of the Earth Science Division at NASA HQ. A 38-year veteran of NASA, he worked as a researcher and program manager in atmospheric chemistry before taking on his current role in 1999. He has a PhD in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. Among his many awards are the NASA Distinguished Service Medal (2022) and three Presidential Rank Awards for Meritorious Senior Executive. He is a Fellow of the AMS and AAAS.

2022-08 Abstract Title: Chemistry, Space, and Earth’s Future

Abstract Body: Space-based remote sensing is key to studying Earth, including human impact and its natural processes. Remote sensing techniques draw heavily on the tools and techniques of chemistry to provide information about the Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, biosphere, cryosphere, and lithosphere. When combined with observations and models, satellite data play a critical role in predicting Earth’s evolution for the benefit of society. This talk will cover how satellite remote sensing data are used to address these topics and lay the groundwork for sustainability.