Jake Heinlein


Ph.D. Candidate

Jake is a chemical engineer who is passionate about STEM research, education, and outreach. Originally from Massachusetts, Jake received his bachelor’s degree from Brown University and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at Yale University in Connecticut, where he works in the research groups of both Professor Lisa Pfefferle and Professor Shu Hu. His research focuses on catalytic methane gas reactions for both energy and environmental applications. Jake’s ultimate goal is to convert greenhouse gas into useable fuel.

Abstract title: “From Waste to Fuel: Discovering How to Utilize a Greenhouse Gas.”


2022.09.15 CME STEM Talks featuring Jake Heinlein prior to the speeches by Orbia’s Chairman Juan Pablo del Valle and CEO Sameer Bharadwaj on “Orbia: Industrial Strength Innovation to Advance Life Around the World.”

2023.03.21 CME STEM Talk at WPC 2023 during the Reception