Jennifer Gustetic


Director, Early-Stage Innovations & Partnerships

Space Technology Mission Directorate

Ms. Gustetic is the Director of Early-Stage Innovations and Partnerships for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate. She awards $300M annually through prize competitions, SBIR/STTR, research grants, internal innovation team projects, advanced concepts studies, and technology transfer. She served at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. She serves on the board of the Van Alen Institute and the National Science Policy Network. She holds a B.S. in aerospace engineering and a master’s degree in technology policy from MIT.

2022 CME NASA Symposium Abstract

Innovation in Sustainability through Early-Stage Partnerships at NASA

NASA STMD’s Early Stage Innovation and Partnerships (ESIP) portfolio seeks to empower a community of innovators spearheading aerospace research and transformative technology ventures through more than 700 awards each year that impact not only the space industry but also consumer goods, health and medicine, public safety, and other spinoffs. This session will discuss how NASA’s early-stage investments in numerous technology areas, such as materials, in-situ resource utilization, energy, and more, are making an impact on sustainability in space and here on earth.