Jodie Lutkenhaus

Texas A&M


William and Ruth Neely Faculty Fellow

Jodie L. Lutkenhaus is holder of the Axalta Chair in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Current research areas include polyelectrolytes, redox-active polymers, energy storage, and composites. She has received recognitions including World Economic Forum Young Scientist, Kavli Fellow, NSF CAREER, AFOSR Young Investigator, and the 3M Non-tenured Faculty Award. Lutkenhaus is the Deputy Editor of ACS Applied Polymer Materials and a member of the U.S. National Academies Board of Chemical Sciences & Technology. Lutkenhaus received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2002 from The University of Texas at Austin and her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 2007 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

2023 ACS Fall POLY: CME NASA Symposium Abstract

Toward Sustainable Organic Polymer Batteries

The future of Li-ion battery manufacturing is challenged by projected shortages of critical materials and a highly centralized supply chain. Organic polymer batteries- which depend on C, H, N, O, and S elements- may address these challenges by diversifying the availability of raw battery materials while also offering a pathway toward a circular life cycle. This talk will discuss our latest efforts in understanding how these polymers store charge, how to recycle these materials, and how to improve their performance.