Kaltrina Mulosmani


Junior Executive

Kaltrina Mulosmani has been a CME Volunteer since 2019, since studying Biochemistry at Pace University in NYC. During her time as an undergraduate researcher, she conducted inorganic chemistry-based research synthesizing and characterizing metal compounds complexed to various nitrogen-containing ligands, with the goal of producing unique metal-containing compounds. Her novel findings on a cobalt salt, [Co(C 2 H 6 OS) 6 ][CoCl 3 (C 9 H 7 N)] 2, in which the metal ion is complexed to both Me 2 SO and quinoline, were accepted at Acta Crystallographica Crystallographic Communications in January 2018.

After graduating from Pace, Kaltrina joined a boutique investment bank in Washington D.C. as a Project Manager, where she managed the ongoing build for investor pitch decks that raised $75M+ in venture capital. Her curiosity of the intersection between scientific innovation and entrepreneurial ventures drew her to this role.

Now as a pharmaceutical advertising professional in Account Management, Kaltrina leverages her expertise to help launch innovative oncology therapies in the US and Global markets, with a focus on improving patient outcomes and advancing healthcare innovation. With a deep appreciation for the positive momentum created by successful innovation, she is drawn to the dynamic space of pharmaceutical research and development and the profound impact it has on human wellbeing.