Kristin Fabre

NASA Human Research Program, Johnson Space Center

Deputy Chief Scientist

Human Research Program

Dr. Fabre joined the NASA Human Research Program as Deputy Chief Scientist in 2022. She works with the HRP Leadership and Scientists to reduce human risks associated with spaceflight and space exploration. Previously, Dr. Fabre served as Chief Scientist at the Translational Research Institute for Space Health and led innovative projects for human space exploration. She worked at AstraZeneca to enable tissue engineering for drug safety and managed the initial Tissue Chip Program at the NIH NCATS.



2024 CME NASA Symposium Abstract

The NASA Human Research Program mission is to “enable space exploration beyond Low Earth Orbit by reducing the risks to human health and performance.” Crew will be exposed to isolation/confinement, cosmic radiation, distance from Earth, prolonged exposure to microgravity and austere environments. Our goal is to reduce astronaut risks associated with these hazards by investing in ground and spaceflight studies to characterize the spaceflight risks and develop/test risk mitigation strategies, or countermeasures.