Mahmooda Sultana

NASA Goddard

Instrument Scientist

Planetary Environments Laboratory

Mahmooda Sultana is an instrument scientist at the Planetary Environments Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has been developing novel instruments and mission concepts for planetary science using cutting edge technologies. Some of her awards include 2021 STMD Innovation award, 2017 GSFC IRAD Innovator of the Year, 2021 ETD Craig R. Tooley award, 2019 Robert H. Goddard award, Bell Laboratories research fellowship, and fellowship at MIT.

2023 ACS Fall POLY: CME NASA Symposium Abstract

Parts-per-Billion Detection of Gases and Volatiles with Hybrid Multifunctional Nanosensor Platform

In situ measurements of trace gases are crucial for the understanding of atmospheric, geological, and possible biological processes in planetary environments. We have developed a highly miniaturized and compact multifunctional nanosensor platform for such measurements using hybrid manufacturing techniques of low-dimensional materials. We have demonstrated parts-per-billion level sensitivity and selectivity of target species with this novel instrument. In this talk, I will discuss the development of multifunctional nanosensor platform for in situ planetary research and upcoming mission opportunities.