Mark Nevau

NASA Goddard

Research Scientist

Bio – Marc Neveu’s main research interests are planetary exploration and astrobiology, the search for the origins, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe. Specifically, he seeks to understand whether oceans on other worlds harbor life by simulating their physics and chemistry, through laboratory and field studies of similar places on Earth where microbial life thrives, and by developing future space missions to explore these ocean worlds.

Abstract Title: Searching for Life on Ocean Worlds

Abstract Body: Several icy moons of the giant planets harbor subsurface oceans. At least one has a chemistry (pH, major elements, redox gradients, simple and macromolecular organic compounds) similar to inhabited places in our ocean. Progress in approaches to searching for life is being infused into ocean moon missions designed to discover either life beyond Earth or the first habitat where life is unseen.