Martin Keller



Martin Keller has served as director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory since 2015, applying private-sector best practices to achieve game-changing scientific outcomes. Working collaboratively with his leadership team, Keller has developed a strategy for the laboratory focused on three key initiatives: integrated energy pathways, circular economy, and electrons to molecules. This strategy drives advanced scientific research, programs, projects, and partnerships at NREL. Prior to joining NREL, Keller served as associate laboratory director at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.



2024 CME NASA Symposium Abstract

Scientific research that is transforming energy, a necessary transition given the triple planetary crisis and the trends shaping the world today and in the future. Director Martin Keller shares an overview of the laboratory’s mission and capabilities and delves into NREL’s efforts in three areas of interest to the chemistry community—space-based photovoltaics, highly recyclable polymers, and electrofuels—and how they fit into the DOE’s ambitious Energy Earthshots initiative.