Michael Roberts

International Space Station National Laboratory (CASIS)

Chief Scientific Officer

Michael Roberts is chief scientist of the ISS National Laboratory, managed by the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS). Before joining CASIS in 2013, Michael worked as principal investigator in the NASA Advanced Life Support program at Kennedy Space Center. Prior to arriving at NASA-KSC in 1999, Michael completed a BA in biology at Maryville College, a PhD in microbiology at Wesleyan University, and post-doctoral research at Michigan State University and the RIKEN Institute in Wako-shi, Japan.



2024 CME NASA Symposium Abstract

The International Space Station has enabled humans to live and work in space for over 23 years and continues to offer researchers, educators, and innovators access to a unique environment where reduced gravity is both persistent and a variable. The ISS National Laboratory and NASA are working with academia, industry, and government agencies to fuel research in space on ISS and ignite the commercial development of low Earth orbit by launching new capabilities in fundamental research and in-space manufacturing applications.