Soenke Lehmitz


Senior Partner

Soenke Lehmitz, PhD, is a Senior Partner with McKinsey where he uses his extensive expertise in business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales to advise chemicals clients on all topics related to pricing, sales and channel management, sales-force organization, capability building, and strategy. Some of his recent client projects include supporting several specialty-chemicals players on holistic commercial-transformation programs that addressed the full spectrum of marketing and sales levers, including strategic marketing, pricing, sales-force excellence, and customer management. In addition to his client work, Soenke helped develop Periscope, McKinsey’s B2B sales performance-management tool.

Prior to joining McKinsey, he worked with Goldman Sachs in M&A general advisory and with BP in their civil engineering division. Soenke has a background in Industrial Engineering (Dipl.-Ing., Technical University Berlin) and International Management (Dipl.-Kfm., ESCP-EAP, Paris, Oxford, Berlin); and he holds a PhD (Dr. Ing.) from Technical University, Berlin.