Stephanie Vivod

NASA Glenn

Chemical Engineer

Aerospace Polymeric Materials

Bio: Dr. Stephanie Vivod is a Research Chemical Engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) specializing in advanced polymeric materials for extreme environments. Dr. Vivod received her PhD in Polymer Science from the University of Akron and works at the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) in the Structures and Materials Division with a focus on lightweight, nano-porous polymeric materials; specifically organic, inorganic, and hybrid aerogels.

2022-08 Abstract Title: Polymer Aerogels for Lunar Applications and Beyond

Abstract Body: As the Space Community endeavors to reach new heights of human exploration, materials for extreme environment are at the forefront of research. One class of materials of particular focus is polymer aerogels; lightweight solids with nanoscale pore size, high internal surface area, and extremely high porosities. These interesting properties allow aerogels to act as thermal insulators, catalyst supports, sensor platforms, and vibro-acoustic mitigating materials. Polymer aerogels also have the potential to combat issues found in lunar environments such as dust and radiation mitigation. Herein, current research and applications related to polymer aerogels in support of space exploration will be presented.