Timur Ashirov

University of Fribourg

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Timur Ashirov was born in Tajikistan and obtained his B.Sc. from the department of chemistry at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Later, he joined the group of Prof. Ali Coskun at University of Fribourg, Switzerland for his Ph.D. studies (2018). Timur has received the prestigious 2022 Swiss Nanotechnology Ph.D. Award for his thesis. Currently, he received Bride Proof-of-Concept grant to scale up membranes for CO2 capture from air and flue gas, helium purification, hydrogen recovery and to establish his own startup.

2023 ACS Fall POLY: CME NASA Symposium Abstract

Fast Light-Switchable Polymeric Carbon Nitride and Adsorptive Membranes For Tunable Gas Separation

State-of-the-art of gas separation membranes suffer from permeability-selectivity trade-off, i.e. membranes with high flow rate (permeability) have low selectivity and vice versa. Breaking this trade-off requires control over the transport properties of a single gas in binary or ternary gas mixtures. Accordingly, we developed two-dimensional adsorptive separation membranes based on graphene to selectively remove target gas from the mixture. Moreover, we also designed light-switchable membranes based on polymeric carbon nitride for the separation of gases based on their polarizabilities.