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Sparking The Senses: From Flavor To Table

2016. 02. 04 11:15 am - 2:00 pm ET



Penn Club of New York
30 West 44th St, NY

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Experts from IFF and Voss will discuss flavoring developments that will transform the food and beverage markets.

The US Food market is over one trillion dollars and driven by demographics and consumer trends. The creation of new sensorial experiences through new chemistries has resulted in unique scents and tastes, and a growing array of well-loved foods and beverages that appeal to demanding customers. The challenge is to bring a constant flow of discoveries that spark the senses while sustaining profitability and exceeding consumers’ expectations.

Millennials (15 -35), now account for about a third of the global population. Well informed and socially engaged, they seek sensory exploration and make conscientious decisions, focusing on health and wellness and sustainability.

Over the past few years, markets are seeing the decline of traditional carbonated soft drinks and the rise of certain market segments. February 4 is your opportunity to hear about the 12 billion dollar global flavor industry and gain insight into the fast-growing segment of flavored sparkling water.


Ken Gilbert



Kay Murano



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