2023 World Petrochemical Conference: CME STEM Leadership Award to ACC CEO Chris Jahn
Hilton Americas Houston

2023 World Petrochemical Conference: CME STEM Leadership Award to ACC CEO Chris Jahn

2023. 03. 21 8 am - 10 pm CT



Hilton Americas Houston

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8 am - 10 am
Innovation & economics with Shah Karim

5 - 5:30 pm
Jake Heinlein Research From Waste to Fuel at Yale

8 - 9 pm
VIP Dinner CME STEM Leadership Award Presentation by George Rodriguez and STEM Talk by Doug Terrier

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Chris Jahn

American Chemistry Council

President and CEO


At World Petrochemical Conference 2023, American Chemistry Council (ACC) President and CEO Chris Jahn Receives Chemical Marketing & Economics STEM Leadership Award for Propelling Diverse Talent

Distinguished nonprofit recognizes ACC’s leadership in advancing STEM in the chemical industry

Houston, TX – March 22, 2023 – Chemical Marketing & Economics, Inc. (CME) and S&P Global Commodity Insights today announced that Chris Jahn, president and chief executive officer of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), is the recipient of the CME STEM Leadership Award™ for Propelling Diverse Talent. Jahn was honored at the S&P Global Commodity Insights’ World Petrochemical Conference (WPC) in Houston, Texas, on March 21, 2023.

For more than 150 years, ACC has advocated for public policies that support the creation of innovative products to improve lives, protect our environment and enhance the economic vitality of communities.

In 2020, ACC, in partnership with The Chemours Company, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the HBCU Week Foundation, launched the Future of STEM Scholars Initiative (FOSSI), which provides $40,000 scholarships for students pursuing preferred STEM degrees at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). To date, FOSSI has raised more than $30 million dollars to support over 560 talented students.

“Under Chris Jahn’s leadership, ACC has excelled in advancing diverse voices in the business of chemistry, which contributes to one-fourth of the U.S. GDP,” CME Officer Mr. Shah Karim stated. “Chris has shaped ACC’s advocacy for a prolific group of current and future industry leaders who, through their STEM knowledge. provide key materials that make the world healthier, safer, more modern, and more sustainable,” CME STEM Program Leader George Rodriguez noted.

“I am humbled by CME’s recognition of ACC’s diversity and inclusion programs. They are integral to ACC’s vision for a future for the industry which fosters economic growth, creates new jobs, and improves environmental stewardship. ACC is a proud partner in FOSSI and supporter of CME’s impactful programs, including original awards for students and mentors in polymer chemistry, and the truly fascinating NASA Symposium featuring Nobel Laureate Lectures. I commend S&P Global Commodity Insights for bringing CME to inspire diverse STEM leadership for sustainable innovation.” said Chris Jahn.

About CME STEM Leadership Awards™
Established in 2012, the CME STEM Leadership Awards™ are the highest honors given to outstanding leaders in various sectors of society for harnessing the transformative power of chemistry to advance humanity. This award-winning event is dedicated to the progress of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs. Past honorees include Ken Frazer (Merck), Seifi Ghasemi (Air Products), Jim Fitterling (Dow), Martin Brudermüller (BASF), and Nobel Laureates Frances Arnold, Eric Betzig, and Sir Fraser Stoddart. Jon M. Huntsman, Sr., said about the STEM Leadership Awards event, “the best I’ve ever seen.” Leaders in industry, finance, philanthropy, and academia help advance exciting STEM programs including free student industry luncheons, CME Student & Mentor Awards™, Space Chemistry Roadmap, STEM Festivals, and signature events such as the CME NASA Symposium and Sustainability Conference and Symposium aimed at advancing science and technology for humanity’s journey to Mars and beyond for the benefit of society. contact@cme-stem.org

About American Chemistry Council
The American Chemistry Council (ACC) represents the leading companies engaged in the multibillion-dollar business of chemistry. ACC members apply the science of chemistry to make innovative products, technologies, and services that make people’s lives better, healthier, and safer. ACC is committed to improved environmental, health, safety, and security performance through Responsible Care®; common sense advocacy addressing major public policy issues; and health and environmental research and product testing. ACC members and chemistry companies are among the largest investors in research and development and are advancing products, processes, and technologies to address climate change, enhance air and water quality, and progress toward a more sustainable, circular economy. www.americanchemistry.com

About CME
Led by CME Co-Chairs Steve Barnett and Ksenia Takhistova, and with roots that date back to 1954, Chemical Marketing & Economics, Inc. (CME) is a forward-looking 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to accelerating diverse STEM talent and leadership for sustainable innovation in energy, materials and life sciences. CME brings together Nobel Laureates and the leaders of industry, government, academia, philanthropy, and the public to share cutting-edge insights through exciting events and award-winning programs, such as the CME STEM Leadership Awards™, CME STEM Talks™, STEM Festivals, CME NASA Symposium, and Sustainability Conference. www.cme-stem.org


Doug Terrier

NASA’s Johnson Space Center

Chief Technologist

George Rodriguez

ACS Fellow

CME STEM Programming
Argeni Director

Shah Karim

CME Treasurer

SafeRock CEO

Jake Heinlein


Ph.D. Candidate


Join the 21 March 2023 CME STEM Talks by Thought Leaders & STEM Leadership Award 

CME STEM Talks and the presentation of the CME STEM Leadership Award for Propelling Diverse Talent were featured at 2023 World Petrochemical Conference Houston: Global Chemicals Today & Tomorrow. Driving STEM diversity in the chemicals ecosystem and thought leadership in energy transition and sustainable innovation.

The pacesetting lineup of STEM thought leaders and outstanding students were selected by Chemical Marketing & Economics, Inc. (CME) to share the government, academic and industry view on solutions for sustainability that are vital in the race to reshape sustainable innovation through multi-sector partnering.

WPC featured in a morning session CME Officer Shah Karim at the Fireside Chat: The intersection of climate science and economics. How can the industry manage risk?

At 4 pm, CME STEM Talk with the award-winning Yale student Jake Heinlein discussed his research From Waste to Fuel: Discovering How to Utilize a Greenhouse Gas.

At 8 pm during the VIP Dinner, CME STEM Program Leader George Rodriguez presented the CME STEM Leadership Award for Propelling Diverse Talent. 

Rodriguez also hosted the CME STEM Talk Forward to the Moon, Mars and Beyond with Commercial Partners featuring Dr. Doug Terrier, NASA Johnson Space Center Associate Director responsible for Vision and Strategy. As the former NASA Chief Technologist, Terrier will identify opportunities in sustainable innovation for commercial partners to exploit the resources and propel the Space Age as we write a new chapter in the history of civilization.

CME has pioneered a new and exciting STEM ecosystem in collaboration with two of the world’s top STEM brands, NASA and the American Chemical Society (ACS). Since 1954, industry has counted on CME to organize events and celebrate leaders at the intersection of business, investments and technology. Established in 2012, the CME STEM Leadership Awardees include CEOs from leading companies as well as five Nobel Laureates and the heads of NASA and the Smithsonian Institution. Since 2017, the CME NASA Symposium has brought together industry, academia and government to enhance the diverse STEM talent pool, foster breakthroughs in the chemical sciences, and translate advances in space travel into new knowledge to improve the quality of life on Earth and beyond.

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