Aroma Business: The Winning Scent of Clean & Fresh
Penn Club of New York

Aroma Business: The Winning Scent of Clean & Fresh

2015. 03. 05 11:15 am - 2:00 pm ET



Penn Club of New York
30-W 44th St, NY

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IFF Abstract: What is the smell of ‘clean and fresh’ and why does this matter to consumers?

The fragrance industry is estimated to be worth > $15 billion, with millions of dollars spent each year developing new molecules, technologies, and research approaches to unveil the secret of what delights consumers and why.

There are two fundamental challenges that need to be addressed to unlocking this secret. The first is the ‘language gap’ between how professionals talk about fragrances (Perfumers) and the consumers that experience these scents. The second challenge is in understanding the ‘magic moments’ where consumers experience fragrance in using a product such as a shampoo, fabric softener, or candle.

Uncovering the insights to optimize the scent character and intensity at these ‘magic moments’ is the key to making the holistic product experience more delightful for the consumer, and generating value creation for the company able to successfully leverage this in the market.

Join us to learn the critical issues related to these industry game-changers.


Tagasago Abstract:

Using R&D and technology to deliver the Winning Scent of Clean and Fresh to Consumers. The fragrance industry is highly dependent upon strong R&D and development to support the creative and consumer needs of our customers. While there are many aspects of R&D and technology that are used to support fragrance development, we will focus on three key topics to the industry: aroma chemical development, malodor control, and mood beneficial fragrances to deliver consumer winning fragrances.

Aroma chemical development, which all fragrance houses need, is becoming increasingly challenging due to regulatory/safety concerns and the development costs and timelines to qualify new materials. In support of creating winning fragrances that can deliver against the requirement for Clean and Fresh, malodor control technologies are critical in many of the functional fragrance categories that all fragrance and CPG companies work in. Mood beneficial fragrances or emotional response to fragrances is an exciting area that crosses between core disciplines of R&D, Consumer Insights, and Market Research. Learn the critical issues related to these industry game-changers.


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