Cosmetics Innovation
Penn Club of New York

Cosmetics Innovation

2017. 02. 02 11:15 am - 2:00 pm ET



Penn Club of New York
30-W 44th St, NY

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Experts from L’Oreal and IFF will discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in sustainable cosmetics. The global cosmetics market was worth 460 Billion USD in 2014 and is projected to grow to 675 Billion USD by 2020. By its nature the market is extremely public-facing and sensitive to consumer demands. As the millenial generation becomes a most powerful economic segment and among the top consumers of cosmetic products, their concerns about product design, performance, price, sustainability and resource conservation are increasingly relevant to the industry.

How can manufacturers meet the demand for sustainable products while still working at competitive price points? Who will seize the opportunity to differentiate their product offerings?

Hear about how companies are addressing sustainability challenges in the cosmetics industry. Gain insight into the global efforts to reduce waste and commodity consumption while maintaining top-quality production.


Michael White

L’Oreal USA

AVP Creative Fragrance Dev

Dennis Maroney

IFF (DuPont)


Adam Closson

CME Past Co-Chair 2018-2019

IFF Research Fellow