Global Industry & Economic Outlook and USA Demographic Shifts
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Global Industry & Economic Outlook and USA Demographic Shifts

2022. 10. 05 11 am - 12 pm ET



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European energy crisis, China’s lockdowns, and USA’s chances for a recession. Hear the expert outlook on the major economic trends that will shape the global chemical industry. Learn also about demographic shifts that will impact the business of chemistry which is the building block for everything around us, supporting almost 25 percent of the USA GDP. It is vital to continued job creation and economic growth.
“Demographics is destiny”, as the 19th-century French philosopher Auguste Comte said. He wasn’t thinking about plastics which were yet to be invented, but today we can apply the concept to future polymers demand. Demographic change is an important determinant of the labor force, economic growth, and yes plastics demand. Dr. Swift will examine demographic trends as well as the different consumption profiles of major resins and the likely impacts of demographic change on demand.


Kevin Swift


Senior Economist for Global Chemicals

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