ESG Impact on Strategy and Investments
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ESG Impact on Strategy and Investments

2020. 11. 19 11 am - 12 pm ET



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Is ESG yielding higher than average returns on investments, driving shareholder returns and positively influencing financial performance?
Which corporations are leading/adopting the movement and why?
What specific metrics are being used to track success?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are becoming essential in evaluating companies in which to invest and work. The omnipresent risks of ocean pollution, greenhouse gases and toxic waste are affecting ecosystems and driving the synergy of investments to reshape the strategy for converting abundant waste and natural resources into high-value energy, chemicals, plastics, materials and service solutions. Join us to leverage the ESG investment trend.


Patricia Grad

Arsenal Capital

Senior Managing Director, Head of Investor Relations

Trisha Taneja

Capital Markets, London

Deutsche Bank Head of ESG Advisory

Beatriz Da Cunha

BlackRock Sustainable Investing

Americas Lead on ESG Integration

Paul Cartlidge

Ascend Performance Materials

Vice President EHS

Ben Dillon

SK Capital

Managing Director