McKinsey: Why valuing value matters
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McKinsey: Why valuing value matters

2023. 02. 09 11 am - 12 pm ET



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We often half-jokingly pose this riddle to ourselves: If the capital market is the answer, what’s the question? Well, framed in the form of a question, we believe it is this: Why does valuing value matter when it comes to a sustainable future for us all? Indeed, it’s counterproductive to make decisions that compromise value in the name of creating value. But with courage and commitment to resilience, executives can apply the core principles of finance to make sound decisions that lead to lasting value in the industries of chemistry. Please join us in a thought-provoking discussion on the time-tested drivers of value for today’s players in the industries of chemistry.


Sam Samdani

McKinsey & Company

Senior Knowledge Expert

Obi Ezekoye

CME Board Member

McKinsey Partner

Ken Gayer



Rajeev Rao


SVP, Corporate Development

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