Personal Care Innovation
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Personal Care Innovation

2019. 02. 07 11:15 am - 2:00 pm ET



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The fascinating personal care product market is expected to reach USD 650 billion globally by 2024 and is growing due to rising awareness of health and hygiene as well as scientific advancements. There are 4 highly notable trends occurring in the personal care space: Sustainability, Beauty within, Holistic microbiome, and Customized / Personalized beauty on demand.

Ingredients, sourcing and even packaging are becoming important to consumers. Driven by the sustainable movement in the food world, the personal care space is starting to mirror this trend with younger consumers placing growing importance on sustainable supply chains, traceability, and generally, trust in a product, trust in a company.

Consumers are starting to realize that beauty doesn’t start and stop with what they put on their bodies, but what they put into their bodies. The microbiome, gut and skin alike has been one of the hottest topics in Personal Care. Scientific advances in data analysis and AI are rapidly bridging our understanding of how genes translate into microbiome chemistry and how that chemistry can promote “a better you.” Lastly, personalization or customizable beauty is a trend that continues to rapidly evolve through technological discoveries and the added luxury that consumers consider worth a premium.

This discussion focuses on what trends will help shape the face of Personal Care Innovation for the coming years.


Jaime Ferreira

Estee Lauder

R&D Director

Auroni Majumdar


Director of R&D