Specialty Chemicals: A New Paradigm for Consumers, Materials & Life Science
Penn Club of New York

Specialty Chemicals: A New Paradigm for Consumers, Materials & Life Science

2015. 06. 04 11:15 am - 2:00 pm ET



Penn Club of New York
30-W 44th St, NY

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How is the specialty chemicals business changing and why does this matter to customers, partners, and investors?
Given the substantial global specialty chemical markets worth, the attractive multiples of investment opportunities, and the high returns from specialties in consumer products, it may still be surprising that chemical companies have struggled in transitioning their business models toward specialty chemicals.

This talk will explore how the megatrends and the global impacts of regulatory, environmental, and ethical drivers increase the investment and organizational commitment levels of companies trying to enter the specialty chemicals space. In the context of Ashland’s successful customer-engagement initiatives particularly in pharma and personal care, the opportunities and challenges in growing global specialty chemicals markets will be analyzed.

Join us to learn the dynamic partnership and product application strategies that the leadership of Ashland has implemented to navigate and capture opportunities in the challenging specialty chemicals market.


James Mish


President - Consumer Specialties