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Sustainability and Growth

2019. 09. 11 11:15 pm - 2:00 pm ET



Penn Club of New York
30-W 44th St, NY

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Sustainability is a global societal and business challenge facing all industries. As the global population nears nine billion people, Earth’s resources will continue to be strained, and global waste will increase. Finding innovative solutions and policies to solve for the many dimensions of sustainability will take an ecosystem of partners, with the chemical industry uniquely positioned to lead the efforts.

In this presentation, Duane discusses how the chemical industry can address the challenges of waste, pollution, and toxicity. He will share how materials technology will provide solutions for energy generation, storage, and purification. Duane will focus on (1) how carbon footprint mitigation technologies can support a differentiated model for chemical capacity, production, and operations to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment, and (2) how digital technologies can be the catalyst for driving a sustainable agenda, positioning the chemical industry for long-term success.

Hear what lies ahead for the chemical industry, its ecosystem, and market growth dynamics that will heavily influence change.


Duane Dickson


Vice Chairman, Industrials

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