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2023 CME NASA Symposium: Advancing Materials for Human Space Exploration

2023. 08. 14 2023. 08. 16 In-Person and Online ACS Fall 2023
San Francisco

6th CME NASA Symposium bringing together industry, academia, government and the public to solve the big challenges of humanity and enlarge the diverse STEM talent pool.

Changing Dynamics of the Global Outlook in Polymers

2023. 07. 13 10:30 am - 12 pm ET Webinar Only

Don’t miss the panel of experts who will discuss trends and trade strategies for regional risk management amidst global political and economic turmoil.

Year 2100: North American Economic and Demographic Outlook

2023. 06. 15 11 am - 12 pm ET Webinar Only

Hear the expert outlook on the major economic trends that will shape the North American chemical industry for the next year and learn about demographic shifts that will impact the business of chemistry for the next 8 decades.

CME at IEF Paris 2023

2023. 06. 07 Paris, France France

The distinguished 72-member-country International Energy Forum (IEF) and the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) convened the Second IEF-GARP Global Energy Risk Forum on 7 June 2023 in Paris, France.

Space Chemistry: Research and Manufacturing Opportunities

2023. 03. 30 10:30 am - 12:00 pm ET Webinar only

An expert on Fluid Physics, Combustion Science, and Materials Science in the Biological and Physical Sciences Division at NASA headquarters, is going to give a survey of exploration chemistry, commercial/space manufacturing chemistry and chemistry in basic research on the ISS and future platforms that will enable rapid market growth in the Space Age.

2023 World Petrochemical Conference: CME STEM Leadership Award to ACC CEO Chris Jahn

2023. 03. 21 8 am - 10 pm CT Hilton Americas Houston

CME STEM Talks featured at the 38th World Petrochemical Conference. Speakers include NASA JSC Associate Director Dr. Doug Terrier, CME Officer Shah Karim, CME STEM Program Leader George Rodriguez and Yale PhD Candidate jake Heinlein

2023 Chemical Industry M&A

2023. 03. 02 11 am - 2 pm ET Penn Club Luncheon and Webinar

Arsenal Capital Partners Investment Partner Brian Orkin and Investment Banking Managing Directors present their views on the latest capital market trends and M&A transactions.

McKinsey: Why valuing value matters

2023. 02. 09 11 am - 12 pm ET Webinar Only

McKinsey experts discuss how to identify the opportunities to curate and capture value

Economic Outlook 2023

2023. 01. 12 11 am - 12 pm ET Webinar Only

Martha Moore Chief Economist American Chemistry Council discusses the Economic Outlook


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