ACS Fall National Meeting Boston, MA

2018 CME NASA Symposium

PMSE: Advances in Human Space Exploration

Principal Sponsor: PMSE

2018. 08. 21 Reception at the Westin Boston Waterfront



Boston, MA

Event times (ET)

8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Morning Session

1:00 - 4:30 pm
Afternoon Session

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This 1-day symposium is organized by CME and NASA under the sponsorship of the Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering Division (PMSE) of the American Chemical Society (ACS). This symposium was part of the 5-day ACS 2017 Fall National Meeting at the Convention Center of Boston, MA, with typical attendance of more than 15,000. Over 600 STEM professionals and students attended the 1-day CME NASA Symposium in 2018.

The CME NASA STEM Symposiums focus on bringing together industry, academia, government and the public to enlarge and enhance the global STEM talent pool. It will feature the resiliency of science cutting-edge developments in chemical sciences to advance human space travel and translate them into new knowledge to improve the lives of people and make their dreams a reality. Two days packed with inspirational research, industry, jobs and new STEM career paths.

August 21

1 Day Symposium

AM Session Schedule

8:30 am - 11:50 am
Room: Marriott Marquis, Shaw


NASA Research Presentations


Session Chairs: Qinghuang Lin

8:30 am
Qinghuang Lin,
Master Inventor

Opening Remarks

8:35 am
Michael Meador,
Former Director of NNCO

Needs and opportunities in the development of advanced materials and manufacturing methods for future long-duration human space exploration

9:05 am

Optimization of organic solar cells through experimental design and machine learning

9:35 am
Joseph Wang,
Distinguished Professor

Wearable electrochemical sensors

10:05 am
Paul Weiss,

Opportunities for and advantages of atomically precise structures

10:35 am
Michael Sailor,
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Harnessing the chemistry and physics of silicon nanomaterials for micro and nano sensing devices

11:05 am
Rigoberto Advincula,
Governor's Chair

Polymers and manufacturing: a space flow chemistry perspective

11:35 am


AM session chair

Qinghuang Lin


Master Inventor
2016 PMSE Chair

AM session speakers

Michael Meador

National Nanotechnology Coordination Office

Former Director of NNCO
2020 POLY Chair, ret. NASA Glenn Game Changing Mgr.

Jillian Buriak

University of Alberta


Joseph Wang


Distinguished Professor
SAIC Endowed Chair

Paul Weiss



Michael Sailor


Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Rigoberto Advincula

Oak Ridge National Lab, University TN

Governor's Chair

August 21 - Day 1


PM Afternoon Schedule

1:00 pm - 3:40 pm
Room: Marriot Marquis, Shaw


Afternoon Research & Industry Session


Session Chairs: Peter Dorhout & Charles Brumlik

1:00 pm
Peter Dorhout,
KSU Dean, Arts & Sciences

Opening Remarks

1:05 pm


1:10 pm
T. Randall Lee,
Cullen Distinguished University Chair

Robust and thick polymer brushes grafted from gold surfaces using bidentate thiol-based initiators

1:40 pm
Younan Xia,
Chemist, Materials

Advanced nanomaterials for aerospace and related applications

2:10 pm


2:25 pm
Bibi Campos-Seijo,
Editor-in-chief, CEN VP Media Group

Industry panel moderator remarks

2:30 pm
Torrey Radcliffe,
Principal Director Technology

Panelist, Aerospace Corp. overview and the quest for more capability in smaller systems

2:50 pm
Joseph Cassady,
Executive Director Space Programs

Panelist, Paving the pathway to space

3:10 pm

Panel discussion

3:40 pm


PM session chair

Charles Brumlik


Past Chair
Nano-Biz President

PM session speakers

Peter Dorhout

2018 ACS President

KSU Dean, Arts & Sciences

T. Randall Lee

University of Houston

Cullen Distinguished University Chair
NSM Associate Dean for Research

Younan Xia

Georgia Tech

Chemist, Materials

Bibi Campos-Seijo


Editor-in-chief, CEN VP Media Group

Torrey Radcliffe

Aerospace Corporation

Principal Director Technology

Joseph Cassady

Aerojet Rocketdyne

Executive Director Space Programs
Washington, DC Operations

August 21 - Day 1


Afternoon CME Lectures & Awards

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Room: Marriot Marquis, Independence D/E


Afternoon CME Lectures and Awards


Session Chairs: Tom Connelly & George Rodriguez

4:00 pm
Thomas Connelly,
Executive Director

ACS CEO, Opening Remarks

4:05 pm
George Rodriguez,
CME STEM Program

CME Past Chair, Introduction

4:15 pm
Robert Langer,
Most Cited Engineer

Exploring biomaterials, delivery systems, and tissue engineering

4:50 pm
Emily Carter,
School of Engineering Dean

sustainable production of fuels and chemicals

5:25 pm
James Green,
Chief Scientist

Future in space supported by chemistry and nano technology

6:00 pm


PM session chair

George Rodriguez

ACS Fellow

CME STEM Program
Argeni Director

Afternoon CME Lectures & Award speakers

Thomas Connelly


Executive Director

Robert Langer

Koch Institute MIT

Most Cited Engineer
2018 Honoree for Historic Scientific Achievement

Emily Carter

Princeton University

School of Engineering Dean
2018 Honoree for for Interdisciplinary Innovation

James Green


Chief Scientist
2018 STEM Leadership Awardee for Propelling Science

Sponsored and endorsed by

Principal National Meeting Sponsor: ACS Polymeric Materials: Science & Engineering Division (PMSE). Organizers: NASA and CME. Media Sponsor: ACS Publications. Endorsers: ACS Presidents (Donna Nelson-2016, Allison Campbell-2017, Peter Dorhout-2018) + 24 additional ACS Technical Divisions (AGFD, ANYL, BIOT, BIOL, BMGT, CELL, CHAL, CHAS, CHED, CINF, COLL, COMP, ENFL, ENVR, FLUO, GEOC, INOR, MEDI, NUCL, ORGN, PHYS, POLY, PROF, and SCHB) + the following CME sponsors:

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Presentation slides

MIT - Robert Langer presentation

PDF format4.77 MB

Exploring Biomaterials, Delivery Systems and Tissue Engineering.

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